About Us

Who we are

Toronto Website Design is a full service design and marketing company catering to clients in Canada and the US. We provide smart, out of the box solutions with one goal: helping our clients bring in more revenue. We want to be measured by our ability to increase every client’s profit which helps business thrive. We do our best work based on this company culture – exactly how our founder and owner, Lior Izik, views business.

We specialize in converting online traffic into money in your pocket. All of our programming, whether simple or complex, is designed to leverage highly functional technology to create a straightforward and simplified user interface for your business’ market. While our services incorporate detailed and complex technology to deliver the solutions your business needs, these use an attractive, user-friendly design to ensure an optimal user experience.

As a full service web company, we are experts in providing custom solutions to businesses worldwide – from small start ups to large multinational organizations. Check out the work we’ve done for our clients and our recent projects.

Our Owner

Lior Izik is a father, husband, hacker, businessman, and martial artist.

Lior is all the above, but he sees himself mainly as an observer. His entire philosophy is based on observation and interpretation.

Lior is constantly breaking down marketing ideas and reverse-engineering them. After every business interaction, Lior analyzes and adjusts his approach as an objective observer. This honest, self-reflective method helped him develop a philosophy that produces measurable improvement in his own ventures, and for his clients.

Lior has been in business since he was 10 years old, buying bagels on the street and selling them to bankers two doors down for double the price. Since then, he has come a long way and has experienced a lot of what the business world has to offer. Today, he owns and manages multiple IT companies with one goal in mind – increase the bottom line for his clients.

Learn more about Lior, his business philosophy, and unique insights into the market.  Check out his latest business guide, The Entrepreneurial Evolution.

A Different Kind of Website Design Company

At Toronto Website Design, we create websites based on the goals and needs of our clients. We start with a free consultation and use this space to develop an understanding of  your business and goals, and how the internet can best amplify your brand. Combined with our online marketing expertise, we can design a website or landing page that will not only meet your requirements, but will also inspire your target audience to take action – not just visit your site and ultimately return to search results to check out your competitors.

Whatever your product is and your business needs are, Toronto Website Design offers collaborative and interactive services designed to meet your business goals with highly-functional, quality solutions. We don’t just design websites that look good, but we make sure they load fast and incorporate a responsive design that adapts to the wide range of current and future devices used to access the internet.

With our commitment to excellence, we are the design solution company you need.

What do we do?

Our blazing fast AMP responsive design services provide you with websites that look amazing and flow seamlessly on iPads, iPhones, Desktops (PCs or Macs), tablets and other Windows or Android devices. Check our mobile design services to launch a professional website for your business, especially designed for optimal user experience on iPhones, Blackberry, Android or Windows devices.

Make your website highly visible,  direct relevant and targeted traffic to your business with our online marketing services tailored to your needs and the results you want to see.  Our highly motivated and experienced team at Toronto Website Design will ensure your project’s quality and timely delivery.

At Toronto Website Design, we can help improve your position in the market. Starting with a free consultation to embrace your goals as a business and a complimentary audit of your existing website and online marketing campaigns.