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Four Seconds Is All It Takes To Lose Customers on Mobile Websites by Lior Izik

I’m going to share something shocking about mobile websites. But I also promise to give you the solution to this problem, so stay with me! I’m going to tell you a story, and provide you with an irresistible offer so that you can take your mobile presence to the next level.

Who am I? I’m an experienced marketer who has written several books, created multiple training programs and worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies all over North America. The online world is my business, so I keep up with the latest online and mobile web developments, like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It’s hit the tipping point, and I’m so excited to share this breakthrough technology with you!

Let’s say that you’ve got a great product, outstanding service, and a professional-looking mobile website. Your customers are searching, and see your company on Google. Way to go! Your advertising dollars are hard at work. Potential customers are clicking on your links. That’s great for your business. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, when they click it takes a while for the homepage to load. It’s only 4 seconds, but then it takes another 4 seconds to load the next page. Every second of delay matters in mobile browsing. Online behavioural analytics company Kissmetrics found that 25% of users abandoned a webpage after waiting only 4 seconds for it to load (Source: Kissmetrics Infographic).

Slow loading is common on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, and more and more people are using these devices to go online. All it takes is a few seconds of frustration for visitors to lose interest. Losing those potential customers obviously hurts your bottom line.

If you’ve put time, effort, and money into your online advertising and IT’S WORKING, you don’t want to fail because of 4 seconds of impatience. These people want to buy from you, but your website isn’t AMP mobile-friendly, so they leave before the page loads. What is AMP, and what does it do? I’ll get to that in a second.

The point is, if your customers are leaving before your website loads then your online advertising dollars are wasted. If your website isn’t blazing fast and mobile-friendly, your visitors will leave without purchasing or taking any action on your website. No emails collected, no sales made, and nothing gained. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing: The all-new 2017 AMP Mobile-Friendly Solution

You need to be able to reach your customers. Research shows that 60% of internet access is mobile (Source: Marketing Land).

That means that more than half of your potential customers are looking at your website on their iPhone or Android smartphone. They are browsing on their iPad or tablet. Neilson’s Digital Consumer Report found that two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and that the average American owns 4 internet-connected devices. If you want effective marketing and a strong online presence, you need a website with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

What Are Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

The Accelerated Mobile Pages updates are a new way of increasing the speed of website viewing on a mobile browser. In the first two years, AMP usage is growing by approximately 4 million new pages every week (Source: Simplify MC).

This technology can tell what kind of device you’re on, and match it to the display. AMP is a new web development language. By loading only what you need to display, you are able to reduce loading time for unnecessary content.

AMP updates are about more than just smaller images. A lighter version of your website strips out behind-the-scenes components like cookies and third-party JavaScript, requiring 10x less data to load. That results in 4x faster loading times for AMP websites, and a better user experience. It feels instant, everywhere.

How Can AMP Grow Your Business?

By using AMP, our clients are seeing significant results:

Google is at the leading edge with AMP:

Get Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages are growing by approximately 4 million new pages every week (Source: Simplify MC). AMP technology increases the speed of website viewing on a mobile browser.

It makes sense to use smaller images for AMP because mobile devices have smaller screens. This technology can tell what kind of device you’re on, and match it to the display. Small images for a small display, means less waiting for what you don’t need! It feels instant, everywhere.

A lighter version of your website strips out behind-the-scenes components, like cookies and third-party JavaScript, requiring 10x less data to load. This results in 4x faster loading times for AMP websites, and a better user experience.

Google AMP Cache improves page performance by fetching websites using AMP and storing them for quick access. It’s like having an express lane directly to your site! Accelerated Mobile Pages are fast, and ready for instant viewing on the go.

When Google Gets Involved, We Listen

In October 2015, Google launched the open-source Accelerated Mobile Pages Project to solve mobile browsing frustrations. In delivering search results, Google gives priority to fast websites with quick load times. We know that if 60% of web traffic is coming from mobile devices then we should be ready to accept those visitors. I think the trend shows that mobile traffic will continue to grow. Knowing that, do you think your business is AMP-ready? What if you could provide better service to 60% of your current and future clients? You can do this, and we can help.

Our Irresistible Offers

Which AMP Service is right for you? Get AMP!

You have a website and a technical team and you want AMP. Great! We will act as consultants and work with your existing team to setup AMP for your website by collaborating with your web designer and marketing team.

Full Package AMP

We build the full AMP solution for you. Our programmers will design your AMP website and handle all the technical details, including redirecting mobile pages to the new AMP pages.  Need a new website? If you want a new website including AMP, our designers are ready to work with you to create a website you’ll love.

AMP Website Design and Other Services Offered

Our team of programmers and designers love to be on the cutting edge of the latest mobile technology. That’s why we want you to put AMP to work for your business.

In addition to AMP we are pleased to offer the following services:

Landing Page Optimizations

We provide optimization by A/B Testing variations of landing pages, analyzing the results, and implementing those that perform the best. We have landing page templates to increase conversions for a variety of businesses. Using our tracking system, we learn which performs the best and use that logic to duplicate those high-converting landing pages.

Conversion Testing

Most web design companies only offer basic conversion testing. They might track where leads are coming from, like an organic search, a website form or an advertising campaign. That’s interesting, but you need better analysis to make your decisions. We offer master-level conversion testing to see ACTUAL REVENUE campaign results. That means we track exactly how much money goes into your business and what campaigns drove this success. It’s a great way to do more of what’s working, and ignore the interesting analytics that don’t affect your bottom line.

Reviews Training

Is your company suffering from bad online reviews? Or is it worse and you have no online reviews, good or bad? It hurts to read a bad review about your company, and may dissuade potential customers from working with you. We work with your staff and teach them how to build trust and give great customer service. Our Reviews Training will give your team the tools to communicate effectively, address customer concerns, and exceed expectations. Learning how to make your customers happy is the best route to asking for, and getting, positive online reviews. These strategies work both online and in person, so let us know where you want to focus and we can customize the training for you.

BONUS: Free AdWords Review

If you’ve ever searched for a local small business like “downtown Toronto dentist,” you might see helpful Google Ads in your online search results. That dentist shouldn’t pay to show those Google Ads to people in Germany, right? The sad truth is AdWords mistakes can cost businesses thousands of dollars every year. Our programmers find mistakes in 90% of the AdWords campaigns reviewed, even the ones setup by experienced marketing companies. It’s a complicated process, but we can pinpoint small mistakes that save you money. Get a free AdWords analysis from our AdWords masters. We want your AdWords campaigns to showcase your newly improved website, and we will be happy to show you how to use AdWords to make more money for your business.

Need more traffic? Once your faster website is ready, we can refer you to who we trust for website traffic.


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