Conversion Analysis

If a new prospect were to ask about the value of working with Toronto Website Design, the answer is simple. We direct quality traffic to your website and convert it into sales or other forms of actions that are valuable for your business. Many companies claim they can do this, but in reality, it’s often not the case.

If you value your business, please spend a few minutes to give what I’m about to share some thought. I assure you, it will be of value. At the very least, you’ll collect a few profitable pointers to ensure that the marketing company you’re currently with, is doing right by your business.

If you represent a business that is sending its advertising traffic to your company homepage, you need to rethink your strategy.

For example:

Consumer Joe clicks on an ad for blue Nike shoes.

Joe is sent directly to the company’s website. On the website there are many shoes of different styles and colours.

Joe isn’t searching for shoes of other colors and loses interest by the second. Why didn’t the vendor direct Joe to a landing page that displays just blue Nike shoes? After all, it’s what he was searching for.

Imagine a client comes to your store and asks you for blue shoes. Would you send them to the back to search for them himself? I don’t think so, and yet this is exactly what so many businesses do on the web.

Imagine every landing page as an online sales agent specializing in one thing. The agent’s job is to provide an irresistible offer and security, and to make the transaction as convenient as possible.

After the landing pages are created, it’s time to test them. This is the most important aspect of the whole process. When I started my marketing career I used to rely on best practices, but it’s all just pure garbage. One strategy might work for one business, but it might sink another.

For one, re-marketing is a best practice. Have you ever visited a website and found another company’s banners everywhere? This is re-marketing. I agree that it can be valuable, but not for all businesses. For example, re-marketing can benefit a car dealership, as a car sale is usually longer than a few days. But what about when someone needs to visit a doctor? In this case it’s illegal to use re-marketing. What if the business specializes in fridge repair? It won’t work here, as when a fridge is broken a potential customer only has a few hours to locate someone to repair or replace it. As you can see, this “best practice” is good in certain cases, but it can’t be used as a blanket solution.

Once the landing pages are approved, we create multiple versions of them with minor changes. This is what A/B testing stands for. A/B testing is basically comparing one version to another to determine which version succeeds the most. The success can be a sale, a lead, or a click to another page. It all depends on what a business is targeting.


At Toronto Website Design, our company’s brand and success are very important to us. We aren’t looking for one-time clients because this type of work provides us with only limited impact in the market. Always, our goal is to build long term relationships by providing our clients with constant measurable improvement.

This is an ongoing process because there’s no such thing as an optimized landing page. In the same way that consumers evolve and the products they need change, we also need to adjust and optimize advertising and landing pages along with this evolution. For instance, ads used to have numerous exclamation marks to stress urgency. That went out of fashion, as people started to see those characters as spam. All these relate to what your market’s subconscious perceives and reacts to without them even knowing it.

If by now you recognize that we know what we’re talking about, it’s time to check out our unique services! We can provide you with one or all of these services, depending on what your business needs.


With us, your business is advertised using our approved 3rd party business partners. Our goal is to drive quality traffic to your landing page. We provide your website with quality landing pages that are crafted by content writers with a keen sense of marketing, and create content based on a careful analysis of your market and a thorough understanding of your needs.

We implement smart designs and a structure that converts traffic into business. Our goal is to convert quality traffic into results for your business.

In cases where leads are not converted to sales, we offer proper training for your sales force through our approved 3rd party business partners. We work on maximizing conversions through phone calls, and convert established leads into real business.

Business Analysis is typically a service that any company needs. We analyze your business from the outside, the same way a customer would. We search for your company, products and services. We review different social media assets, websites, owners and key players. We determine how you rank compared to your competition. We also determine if you are adequately answering potential customer inquiries, and fulfilling any need they may have. We even listen to customer recordings, to see if they wish to see improvements in your company’s interaction with the market. When our analysis is complete, we provide a custom report detailing a plan of action to rectify any problem areas hampering the growth of your business.

Pointers you need to consider:

  1. Best practices are dead. Use A/B testing as an ongoing strategy.
  2. It takes an average user some time to understand your website flow, colors, navigation and other marketing elements. Keep your website consistent to avoid confusing your prospects.
  3. If you have sliding pictures, you need to remove them. Based on testing, it’s a conversion killer.
  4. Acting on gut feelings might be good in many parts of life, but in advertising, you cannot simply go with your gut. Test your ads.
  5. Achieving a high conversion rate requires using your persuasion skills combined with a simple yet effective design that uses pictures or videos to send your message in the most appealing way possible. Don’t forget to test.
  6. As in any field in business, you need a solid, defined process to create and test your marketing. It has been proven that a solid marketing plan can more than double the volume of your leads.
  7. Simulate the customer experience and experience the process from the customer’s perspective. This is an invaluable lesson.
  8. Set goals and align them with your advertising, landing pages and sales team. There must be one, consistent message throughout your organization.
  9. Respond to customer service requests, and make sure they know just how important they really are to you! Ask your clients what’s missing or what they would like to see added for a better shopping experience. Improve existing marketing assets, sales cycle and company culture based on data gathered.
  10. Landing pages should have the utmost priority. They are of critical importance to your success. If used properly, these can bring tremendous value.
  11. Value can be defined as reputation, sales, leads, etc. Only you know what’s valuable to your business.
  12. While testing your campaigns, list any issues discovered, replace them with adequate solutions, and then retest.
  13. Test landing pages all the way to the bank. Don’t stay in the lead conversion phase. From our experience, most sales teams are far less effective than they could be with a few adjustments. They require proper sales training and monitoring for maximized results.
  14. Make sure your marketing and sales are solid. It’s all one unit. What if the advertising is great, but the landing page isn’t converting? What if the landing page is great, but the sales agents aren’t trained properly? What if everything seems decent, but there isn’t consistency? What if the leads aren’t being delivered properly from the website? What if the phone systems aren’t stable? In order to improve your bottom line, you need to examine every element of your sales process, and make whatever changes necessary for optimal performance.

We offer a free consultation and audit of your existing website and online presence. Together, we can discover ways we can bridge website conversions and what your business needs. We’ll work with you in learning how your website converts traffic to business, and how you can optimize this process and build future success on it.