It’s common today for businesses to commission marketing companies to fabricate reviews for them. It’s unethical to say the least, but for the right price, someone will do it, and they’ll make it look real enough for the average consumer to believe.

If you know the game, it’s not too hard to spot these businesses. Their reviews will often follow a pattern of about twenty great ones, and then a few on the not-so-great side. Of course there are a few other indicators. Savvy business owners understand that, in the long run, fake reviews are just a quick fix, not a long term solution. But unfortunately, a lot of people out there are just trying to save a quick buck today and forget about tomorrow.

At Toronto Website Design, we do not cultivate the culture of fake reviews. This does not only go against our values as a company, but also hampers our vision of helping businesses reach their full potential.

Covering up genuinely poor reviews is like treating just the symptoms of an illness and doing nothing to stop the cause of it.

You cannot fake good service, and if a company isn’t providing the quality promised by their inflated reviews, then soon enough, former customers who feel cheated will come back to tarnish an already fragile reputation. Remember that for every really poor review you get, you’ll need several good ones to try and reverse the damage. Cleaning up this mess is an ongoing expense.

Instead, we provide our clients a holistic solution, starting at the foundation – the company’s culture.

One of our early clients had practically no reviews when he approached us. He’d already gone to a couple of marketing companies, who immediately offered to create fake reviews for him. Now this particular gentleman, whom I’ve had the honor of calling my client, has a deep sense of integrity and professionalism. He had no interest in what he called, “shady business”. When he came to us, it turned out that he was already doing a great job of running his business, and the only aspect that needed improvement was the process by which he was trying to get reviews from his customers. Once we put a proven strategy in place, it didn’t take long for the reviews to start coming in by the dozens. It was easy working with his business because as an owner, he valued quality and providing a pleasant customer experience. People were happy to refer and recommend his business, and that’s the point we stand for. As a business owner, you can’t fake real service – not if you want to build a prosperous and healthy business.

We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your entire business to identify exactly what areas need to improve. We work with the members of your team and teach them proven techniques to overcome the issues we identify.

Our aim is to make sure that customers are receiving quality on every level. Ideally, a business should anticipate every customer’s needs and inquiries, so these can be fulfilled even without asking, or before the customer does.  This refined focus on service can be a game changer for most companies, as there are often several key areas where a business isn’t fulfilling its potential.

The world is more competitive than ever. In most cases, the only way to be successful is to go the extra mile for your customers, and provide them with a level of service that places you ahead of the competition.

If you would like to explore the many ways in which our understanding of holistic service and passion for customer experience benefit your business,  we will be happy to speak with you.

With a free initial audit of the entire customer journey your business fosters, we gain valuable insights into how service can be improved to build a growing following among happy customers who will love sharing your brand.