Sales Performance – The Advanced Class

Top sales performance is not an art – it is a science. When you fail to treat it as such, you get stuck with average performers.

Every sales team hits a plateau in their performance. The challenge for sales leaders is to find a solution that will change the trajectory of this trend, and quickly realize improvement in revenue growth techniques.


Our speakers and trainers are the experts and leaders themselves in B2B sales. They are specifically enlisted from the industry to give your team the boost it needs to acquire that competitive edge.

Our trainers work with and train sales professionals of top fortune 1000 corporations in advanced techniques and tactics that generate millions in ROI, and they can share their vast knowledge and experience with your team.

If you have ever wondered whether large corporate sales teams practice strategies that smaller companies don’t know… the answer is yes. Give your team a competitive edge and start playing in the big leagues.


Whether your event calls for a keynote speaker, or an experienced B2B trainer to teach your sales team advanced tactics and strategies, we have sales experts at the top of their game now and are ready to share their success secrets with you and your team.

Some of our clients see results even just in their first week after training.



The majority of our work is in B2B, although we are open to working with some clients in the B2C space depending on the industry they’re in. We offer a free initial phone consultation designed to understand the full scope of your sales objectives.


We don’t give you theory and leave you to figure out how it can be best adopted in the real world. Instead, show up to our training sessions with your laptop as we develop, test and act on sales strategies in class!


These are some areas we focus on in our advanced class:

– Smart Prospecting: because not all opportunities are not created equal, you need to start creating more prospects immediately, and see what research shows are the opportunities with the highest conversion ratio.

–  The Power of LinkedIn: designed to help you find prospects ready to speak with you right now.

– Power Questions: find and create your own voice to stop sounding like all your competitors.

–  Ethical Persuasion: learn about the latest research in consumer behavior and how you can leverage this to pull the odds in your favor and make that sale.

– DISC: if you are in sales and don’t know what this is – you are flying blind.

– Advanced Engagement Techniques: learn how to conduct successful business over the phone, and via e-mail and LinkedIn.

– Successful Farming Techniques: how to protect existing clients from being poached by competitors, while you grow your influence within the account.

To learn more about what your sales team can learn and accomplish in each class, set up your free consultation call now.


Sales Training Testimonials

“I never thought I would get this much value. My company hires speakers and trainers frequently and we came to expect the usual class hoping to find something new – then we took a chance on your company. The trainer blew our team away in the first 30 minutes! The sales team was fired up and then raced to keep up! We saw a revenue increase in the first week – and one the day immediately following the class.

Where have you guys been all this time?

We are a small company competing with larger organizations, and usually must drop our price to compete. We now have significantly less price reductions thanks to the new strategies. Highly recommend these folks!”


“Hiring your company was not an easy decision as they are not the cheapest solution, but in this case you definitely get what you pay for! Our sales team just took a quantum leap in performance, and it is obvious when you look at our revenue. If you are in B2B sales, take another look at this company before your competitors do!”


“Lior, thanks for the training on Wednesday, we have already seen big progress! We have been prospecting all wrong! We revived 1 sale and found 4 others with your techniques – a 300% ROI on your fees! I am happy to provide this reference for your website.”